Contiki BBS 0.3.1 released !!

Hey ho, here we go!

Contiki BBS 0.3.1 is out and here are the changes for this 10th anniversary (2009-2019) release:

  • As of version 0.3.1 it is no longer required to add any users beforehand (during setup of Contiki BBS). Instead, a new „online-registration“ feature allows you to create a user once you are connected to the BBS. To do so, simply enter ’new‘ (without the quotes) at the Contiki BBS ‚login:‘ prompt.
  • In addition to the new online-registration feature, the user editor in the bbs-setup program now includes an option to delete a user or edit a user (change the password or ACL).
  • Starting with version 0.3.1, Contiki BBS will be compiled and linked against the 6502 port of Contiki OS provided by Oliver Schmidt. This port includes changes to Contiki OS that are platform specific and which are not included in the „upstream“ (vanilla) Contiki OS sources. For example, there is now specific support for the RRnet Mk3 LAN adapter. Also, support for TFE adapters was dropped from the 6502 port (this is important, see below). See and for more information about Oliver’s 6502 port of Contiki OS.
  • Due to the change of the upstream Contiki OS code repositiory (see above), there is no more support for TFE adapters in Contiki BBS.Just to make sure you really understand: Contiki BBS DOES NO LONGER SUPPORT TFE ADAPTERS !!
  • A bugfix was provided for the ‚list‘ command in the ‚bbs-read.c‘ module. The bug caused a memory leak when trying to list messages of an empty (0 messages) board.

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